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farmer’s market, foodopia & fun!

This week’s participants!

4月7日 / 日曜日 / 10:00 - 16:00 @ 中央公園

 Apr 7th, Sunday 10:00am - 4:00pm @ Central Park




  2. あいされしいたけ

  3. NatuRica

  4. Twin Peaks Mountain Brewing

  5. H i-five

  6. Tetsuya Wine Selections


  8. ムトウ削節店

  9. まーの農園

  10. お出汁ふりかけZERO じゅんこのラー油

  11. あいはれ農園

  12. 菓子うつろひ

  13. Healthy Soil

  14. micro farm life

  15. 米粉菓子やそはち

  16. いのちの郷

  17. あみドライフーズ研究所

  18. みずのはじまり

  19. 亜麻色ピクルス


Food Trucks​

  1. ¡Vamos!

  2. たこと粉とわたし。

  3. オルカコーヒー焙煎本舗

  4. sinamonn


  6. ピザかまねこ

  7. Arthurめし

  8. きみーずキッチン


  10. Dsmos

  11. COFFEE BAR stove

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About Village Market Tsukuba

Village Market Tsukubaは、 “Earth Day Every Day“をテーマに地球や環境のことを考え、コミュニティーと共に歩むマーケットです🌿






みんなで素敵な“Village” を築いていきましょう!


Village Market Tsukuba was born from the need of a local farmer’s market, while supporting local farmer’s that are focussed on sustainability and together, build a sustainable community.


“Earth Day Every Day” is the theme of Village Market, with the goal of becoming a sustainable farmer’s market in all aspects; social, environmental and economic.


At Village Market, you will find fresh produce from sustainable farmers, earth friendly products and other vendors that are consistently learning and working towards more sustainable practices.


We hope that guests of Village Market take the opportunity to get to know all of the different farmer’s and vendors and learn more about each and every one of them and what they are doing to become more and more sustainable.  Together, we can all do something to have a positive impact on the future of our environment that we all share.

Having a place to go every week where we are able to connect with old friend, meet new friends, share our experiences with one another, learn and grow together and get some shopping done, is a great start to a fabulous  community.

And by supporting your local sustainable farmers, small businesses and communities, we can all work together to have a positive influence on the movement towards a sustainable future.

October 17th, 2021 was the very first Village Market Tsukuba and our intention has always been to grow to a weekly market.  We will continue to work towards our intent and we truly appreciate all of your amazing support!


It takes a “Village”…

\\  Village Market Tsukuba  // 

雨天決行 入場無料​​





・BYO… Please bring your own reusable containers, thermal mugs, utensils and anything else that you feel would reduce single use packaging.  At Village Market, we are working together to reduce the amount of garbage by asking both vendors and guests to reduce the amount of single use packaging as much as possible.  All vendors are responsible for their own single use packaging, so please ensure that any single use packaging is brought back to the original vendor after use.

・We currently collect for the local food bank and local children’s food bank at every market, so please feel free to bring non perishable food items to the Information Tent and it would absolutely be our please to hand deliver your items on your behalf.

・Used toothbrushes are also collected at the Information Tent and they will be up-cycled into planters!

There is lots of additional info at the Information Tent, so please swing by when you are at the farmer’s market next time!

Village Market Tsukuba Schedule

  • 7月28日(日)
    研究学園駅前公園 Kenkyu Gakuen Station Park
    2024年7月28日 16:00 – 20:00
    研究学園駅前公園 Kenkyu Gakuen Station Park, Japan, 〒305-0818 茨城県つくば市学園南2丁目1
    2024年7月28日 16:00 – 20:00
    研究学園駅前公園 Kenkyu Gakuen Station Park, Japan, 〒305-0818 茨城県つくば市学園南2丁目1
    Village Market farmer's market, foodopia & fun!


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